The Science of People is Our Namesake ---------

Pathway Pavers has been assisting individuals and organizations to unlock the power of science to reach their optimal success for over 10 years.  Our clients have included Granite Peaks Adult High School and Community Education, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, PageNet/Arch Wireless, Q13 Fox News, PayChex, Microsoft, Evergreen Treatment Services, Team Survivor Northwest, Coinstar/Redbox, Franklin Discovery Academy, and the Bureau of Reclamation. We use the bodies of scientific evidence in the fields of psychology and management, combined with robust data analytic strategies in univariate and multivariate statistics, to provide evidence-based solutions for you and your organization.


About Mark North, PhD

With 20 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience across various industries and 10 years teaching and training undergraduate and graduate students, I aim to provide my clients with data-driven organizational and leadership solutions. Through conversations, assessments, and interventions, I assist my clients to improve business processes, select and train the right people for the right position, and measure and manage organizational growth, development, and change. As an executive coach, I assist my clients to assess strategic options and empower them to measure and evaluate their own individual and organizational effectiveness to reach their hidden potential. In addition to my experience, I earned my PhD in industrial/organizational (I-O) psychology from Seattle Pacific University, my BS from Utah State University, and AS from Salt Lake Community College.  I am fluent in speaking, writing, and understanding Spanish. I am a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology. I live in the Provo/Orem metropolitan area with my wife, Patricia, and our three children, Ivy, Collin, and Logan.

What we do best

The goal of consulting is to assist you to increase individual and organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Click on the pieces of our Solutions wheel below for some common options.


Our Objective ---------

Our goal as consultants is to assist you to increase your individual and organizational effectiveness and efficiency. In other words, we want to help you get better at doing what you do best. To do this, we view ourselves as partners in your success, not as experts in your business or as extra pairs of hands to get the job done. Rather, we are your trusted confidants to equip you with the best in scientific findings, approaches, and practices that will help you achieve the individual and collective successes you have in mind. Thus, you should expect several things from us.

  • First, we will be open and transparent, providing you honest feedback from beginning to end.
  • Second, we probe deeply by asking questions to gain clarity regarding the issues you face. As we do this, we will balance this so as to not be intrusive or unnecessarily invade privacy.
  • Third, because you are sharing sensitive information with us about you and your business, we are ethically bound to keep that information confidential.
  • Fourth, we will be responsive and available to meet your needs.
  • Fifth, it is not our practice to tell you what to do (i.e., prescribe solutions) but rather we support and provide pathways for you to determine and implement the right solutions for you and your organization.
  • Sixth, each organization and individual has unique languages, cultures, philosophies, and histories. We will strive to learn about and respect these as necessary and integral parts of your business.
  • Seventh, we will not “sell” you a solution that you do not need.
  • Last, we strive to be cost competitive. In other words, we desire that the solutions we provide be of good value and provide a return on your investment.

Our Consulting

 Process ---------

  • Needs Analysis. Includes learning about the organization and its leadership, defining the problem, and agreeing on expected/hoped-for outcomes. Client, too, gets to learn about consultant’s background, experience, expertise, personality, and approach.
  • Proposal and Contract. Includes written statements of work to be performed, client and consultant roles, resources (tangible and intangible) needed, expected project milestones and timeline, and fees and payment schedules.
  • Data Collection and Diagnosis. Includes synthesis and use of hard (e.g., organizational data) and soft (e.g., interviews) metrics to suggest data-driven solutions.
  • Reporting/Presenting the Recommendations. Includes written and dialectical discussion of findings, associated suggestions, and proposed action steps.


Time commitments related to these and associated processes depend on the scope of the project, accessibility of data, and other individual and organizational needs.




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What we do best

The goal of consulting is to assist you to increase individual and organizational effectiveness and efficiency.








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Brandon Buttars

Recruiting, Ancestry

As a student and research assistant to Mark I had the opportunity to watch Mark first hand in his work. Mark is an individual who believes in full cycle researching and thinking before engaging a solution. He is great at sifting through the data to find the solution and/or answer to the question. On top of that, Mark is an inspiring individual as he naturally leads and mentors those he engages with.

Dylan Jensen

Analyst, Workfront

I had the privilege of working with and learning from Dr. Mark North through my undergraduate degree and into my work once I graduated. Dr. North was always aware of what I needed to improve both my hard and soft skills and always took the time to coach me through those improvements. I view my time and experiences with him as essential to who I am today and to the path which I am following. These experiences have helped me to see that Dr. North has a great way of helping individuals, teams, and organizations to find solutions that will help them to build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.